Cannabinoid Receptors

CB1 receptors

CB1 receptors are found in abundance in mammal brains and also at lower concentrations across a variety of tissues and cells.

CB1 receptors are found predominantly at nerve terminals where they mediate inhibition of transmitter release. The pharmacology of cannabinoid receptors and their ligands: an overview
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School of Medical Sciences, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Foresterhill, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
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CB2 receptors

CB2 receptors are expressed primarily in cells of the immune and hematopoietic systems, but are also found in the brain, the liver, the endocrine pancreas, and in bone. The endocannabinoid system as an emerging target of pharmacotherapy.
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PMID: 16968947 | Full article from PubMedCentral

GPR55 receptors

GPR55 receptors are activated by Δ9-THC and cannabidiol. In silico patent searching reveals a new cannabinoid receptor.
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The orphan receptor GPR55 is a novel cannabinoid receptor.
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