O-arachidonoyl ethanolamine (Virodhamine)

Virodhamine Image Credit: PubChem Open Chemistry Database.
Molecular Formula: C22H37NO2
Image credit: PubChem

Virodhamine is Arachidonic acid and ethanolamine joined by an ester linkage, like anandamide with oxygen and nitrogen reversed. National Library of Medicine - Medical Subject Headings
2015 MeSH

Virodhamine is derived from the Sanskrit word virodha, which means opposition/contradiction.

Virodhamine is a GPR55 and CB2 agonist. CB1 partial agonist/antagonist. Characterization of a novel endocannabinoid, virodhamine, with antagonist activity at the CB1 receptor.
Porter AC, Sauer JM, Knierman MD, Becker GW, Berna MJ, Bao J, Nomikos GG, Carter P, Bymaster FP, Leese AB, Felder CC.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2002 Jun;301(3):1020-4.
PMID: 12023533

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