Cannabitriol (CBT)

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Molecular Formula: C21H30O4
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CBT was first discovered in 1966. Studies on the Constituents of Hemp Plant (Cannabis sativa L.)
Yataro Obata & Yoshinori Ishikawa (1966)
Agricultural and Biological Chemistry,
30:6, 619-620

CBT chemical structure was detailed in 1976, The structure of cannabitriol.
Chan WR, Magnus KE, Watson HA.
Experientia. 1976 Mar 15;32(3):283-4. No abstract available.
PMID: 1253891
and the stereochemistry was determined by xray analysis in 1984. Stereochemical Assignments for the Two Enantiomeric Pairs of 9,10-Dihydroxy-Δ6a(10a)-Tetrahydrocannabinols. X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of (±) Trans-cannabitriol
Andrew T. McPhail , Hala N. ElSohly , Carlton E. Turner , Mahmoud A. ElSohly
J. Nat. Prod., 1984, 47 (1), pp 138–142
DOI: 10.1021/np50031a020
Publication Date: January 1984

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